So, why China?

OK, that may be an obvious question bearing in mind that I’m a passionate, practising Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncturist.

But, why now? After 7 years of practise I have built a successful practice, and although I’ve always wanted to visit, I always found reasons not to go.

My teacher Maria Mercati contacted me just before Christmas to join her study group in China in March, on an internship at  a the Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of TCM.  Wow! What an opportunity.  The TCM hospital.

“The Organisers” Maria Mercati and Mrs Chen

But, I immediately thought “oh I can’t go, it’ll be too expensive, it’s too much time away from my home and clinic, it’s too far to go, I don’t know anyone, there’s not enough time to organise everything”…and so on.

Why is it we put obstacles in the way of achieving our dreams and ambitions? I was fearful, for many reasons…but why? I actually realised it was so out of my comfort zone. Whilst it was a dream of mine to visit China, to experience the culture, and learn from the amazing Doctors in the home of Chinese Medicine; I realised that whilst it was an unachievable dream, it would remain just that and not become reality.

The older I’ve become, the more I question things, the more I understand about things, yet I have become more cautious. A natural progression with age and experience. But, the fire inside was still burning, and the desire to evolve and enrich my being was too strong.

This trip was going to be a real case of self discovery, as well as a great professional opportunity.

I spent a few weeks tussling with the decision, but deep down I knew this was my time to take this amazing opportunity, and to see this land that has always fascinated me. Who knows, I may never get the chance again. So despite my trepidation, I was also really excited!

So, with amazing support from my husband, family, friends and my patients, I was doing it! It was hard to leave my husband behind and jet off into the unknown, but it was my calling! So, off I went to the beautiful city of Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province, and there began my journey.

A celebratory drink at Schipol Airport… On the way to Hangzhou 





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