I’m Steering the “Good Ship Marie”!

Why is it that we often push our own health needs to the bottom of our list? I always encourage each of my patients to put their health and wellbeing at the centre of everything…but, I had lost my way a little with my own health recently. As a classic “people pleaser”, my default setting was to put the needs of others before my own; feeling guilty if I didn’t.  I knew that some things had to change, and what I needed to do…so why wasn’t I doing it? Sound familiar?

Well, it was a fortuitous meeting with Health Coach Caroline Buchanan, at a recent Women’s Business Club meeting, which started me on my self care journey.

We struck up a rapport as fellow professionals, who care about women’s health; and agreed to try each other’s treatments for ourselves.  Well, the Breakthrough Session for me with Caroline was just that!  She helped me to see that the only thing stopping me from putting myself first was me! What a powerful realisation.

Caroline Buchanan enjoying my Facial Enhance Acupuncture

I am continuing to work with Caroline to set some goals and keep on track, with my biggest challenge saying “no” to things that compromise my health.  I am already reaping the benefits and feel so empowered and in control of my health and my life in general…and guess what I don’t feel guilty.

National Self Care week 2017

You are the most important person in your life.  If you don’t care for yourself, then who will?  Next week is National Self Care Week 2017.  A really good excuse (not that we should need it) to focus on your needs and put them first.

I hope you are on your own journey to improved health and wellbeing.  We continue to evolve as we go through life, and need help from time to time, to live the healthiest, happiest life we can.  Wishing you all good health and happiness!





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